Friday, December 7, 2012

It works on my blog!

After a couple of years I decided that its time to start blogging again. This is mainly to give something back to a community of some incredible talented Technical Artists out there.

A lot of these people inspire me on a daily basis and make me love my job as a Tech Artist even more. Its all about information sharing, to move everyone forward a bit :)

As for myself, if you don`t know me, I got first contact with games development in 2006, when I studied Art & Animation at the Games Academy in Berlin, Germany. After this I worked for Crytek in Frankfurt, Germany as a Tech Artist on the project Crysis 2. After about 3 years, I decided its time to move on to new adventures and started working for Massive - A Ubisoft studio in Malmö, Sweden.
I have a huge passion for everything thats animated and I love developing workflows and tools to make everyones life easier.

This is it for now, stay tuned.

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