Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Pose Space Reader

I'm alive and well, thanks for asking!
I know it has been quiet here and I haven't been showing any progress for a while. I am getting back into a habit of learning new things and sharing them here. After a huge learning experience digging into the Maya API I am calling this project done, at least for now while I move on to other things😊

I present to you my first maya plugin. Pose space nodes are most commonly used to hook up corrective blendshapes to a mesh, but can be used for anything you want really. To hook it up you can select a joint and add the pose space reader node to it. It will also create a locator along with it, which will be used as the target node.

The pose space reader node will then output a float between 0-1 depending on how close the locator is to the center of the cone. There is a length attribute for visualisation purposes on it but the cone used for the calculations is in deed infinitely long.

I can only recommend writing this, especially if you want to get better at trigonometry! All in all, a really fun project that made me pick up my pen and get to the bottom of some things I always wanted to know.

Now enough talk, enjoy the video

Thank you hippydrome.com for providing the model

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